Koalas (3-4 years)

The Koala room is for 3-4 year old junior preschoolers who engage with educators on a 1:10 ratio. The children are mastering their self-regulation and self-help skills by becoming independent within their environment. They are developing the ability to express their emotions and persist when faced with challenges. At this age, the children know their routine and can confidently predict what is occurring next.

Educators continue to follow the interests of the children whilst introducing skill-based experiences, for example, cutting and recognising colours. By this age, the children are establishing and maintaining friendships through common interests. We use the information gathered from observations and child interests to extend and challenge their knowledge.

In the Koala care environment the children are encouraged and guided to persist at challenging tasks to achieve personal success and be proud of their achievements. When this occurs we see the ‘lightbulb moment’ which brings joy to both the children and educators.

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