Kangaroos (4-5 years)

The Kangaroo room is for 4-5 year old preschool children who are transitioning to school and engage with educators on a 1:10 ratio. The Kangaroos are able to utilise the flexibility of their indoor/outdoor space. This allows the children to engage in what they would like to play with, being guided by educators. Our environment offers a large play space as well as a ‘learning room’ equipped with an interactive whiteboard and a technological Beebot.

The program is delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher allowing the children to think reflectively on their choices and learning. We offer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) experiences to support the children to think outside of the box and question why things happen. We concentrate on the process of experiences rather than the product at the end.

Educators support the children to develop resilience, life skills and the ability to be socially responsible in their community. The Kangaroos embed themselves in the local community by engaging with local agencies such as the library, Rous Water, as well as our sister centre and the local Primary schools. Our specialised transition to school program allows the children to develop confidence and a skill base to support their transition. We assist in orientation by going with the children to the local public school and meet their teacher to show partnerships. We also complete a detailed Transition to School Statement outlining each individual child’s achievements in all of the Early Childhood curriculum outcomes.

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The Joeys room is for 0-2 year olds who engage with educators on a 1:4 ratio.


The Possums room is for 2-3 year old toddlers who engage with educators on a 1:5 ratio.


The Koala room is for 3-4 year old junior preschoolers who engage with educators on a 1:10 ratio.

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