Joeys (0-2 years)

The Joeys room is for 0-2 year olds who engage with educators on a 1:4 ratio. The care environment mirrors each individual child’s home environment to assist with the transition from home to Early Childhood. The play space is an inviting and cosy room with an open sleep room to allow for full supervision of all children.

The program depicts individual children and their routine depending on their age and interests. Educators try to replicate the children’s home routine while making sure they are being scaffolded to achieve their milestones and emerging development.

We offer an indoor/outdoor program allowing all children to engage with the outdoor environment independently with their age group. The children enjoy singing lots of songs and being exposed to language. Educators ensure children explore sensory experiences engaging with paint, slime, goop, sand, water and playdough to develop their fine and gross motor abilities. In the outdoor environment, the children become curious about their learning and show enthusiasm to want to know and learn more.

Educators make time within the day to give each child the nurture and respect they need. This can be seen through giving lots of cuddles and not hurrying meal times and nappy changes. We pride ourselves on creating a partnership with infants and toddlers’ families to ensure they feel a sense of belonging as well as safe and secure.

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